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PP Collection of Planters

PP Collection From Potstore
Welcome to a new range of planters from designers in Holland.

The collection comprises of a whole new range of planters in materials not used bt Potstore before, however the quality is so good and the designs so appealing that we had to feature them from you.

It marks a move from predominantly just fibreglass and plastic resin materials to a more natural materials.

We have 8 collections using the following materials:

Essential collection | Natural collection | Platinum collection

Quality is of great importance to us and therefore we are very proud of the fiberstone material. fiberstone is based on the precious natural stone. The material consists of a mixture of fiberglass and stone powder. This combination ensures a durable material that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use at any temperature. The high quality means that the products will last for years. The unique characteristics such as the different appearances, light weight and low maintenance makes this material a better alternative for planters and pottery. Fiberstone comes in a natural black or grey finish as well as a glossy or matte painted colour or the exclusive platinum finish. Please note: Items with a platinum finish are for indoor use only and should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

Stone collection | Cement collection | Ridged collection

Ficonstone is a material made of fiberglass, cement, sand and nely ground stone. Ficonstone has a natural feeling and is slightly more heavy than fiberstone. The difference between fiberstone and ficonstone are the weight, the pricing and the finishing. The material is suitable for indoor and outdoor use in any weather. Ficonstone comes in three collections and in eight finishes. The Stone collection offers a coarse finish in two colours, Laterite grey and Light brushed. The Cement collection comes in a smooth nish in Charcoal or Sand cement. And the Ridged collection is offered in two colours, Dark grey and Light grey, either with a horizontal or vertical ridge.

Sandstone Refined collection

The Sandstone material is a strong material composed of poly resin, stone powder and colour pigment. The material is ideally suited for round shapes. Very fine and thin lines are visible on the planters, which gives them their unique characteristic look. The sandstone material is offered in the Refined collection in various matte and earthy colours.

Fiberclay Rough collection

Fiberclay is a material from cement concrete mixed with glass fibers. The glass fibers reinforce the concrete base of this material. Due to the composition of this material it can only be used for round shapes. The material is moulded inside soft silicone,
to give the planters their round shape. This way of production is similar to earth ware and clay productions, which explains the name of this material.

‘we aim for an assortment that is made from durable materials that will last indoor and outdoor.’