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Allure Ribbon Planters


Our Price: £72.00

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ALLURE RIBBON POT: Egg shape Round pot 
  • Suitable for: Indoor and outdoor use
  • Material: Polyethylene resin, tough and durable 
  • Sizes: Available in 6 sizes in low, high and vase types (see below)
  • Colours: 2 great earth colours (see below)
  • 10 year anti frost and fade guarantee

        39cm Diameter x 31cm High     

47cm Diameter x 37cm High   

55cm Diameter x 41cm High  

High Pot

35cm Diameter x 43cm High  
43cm Diameter x 55cm High  


43cm Diameter x 61cm High  


allure ribbon

When you are looking for a robust, modern pot with a natural appearance, choose this stylish elho flowerpot. This pot can be used both inside and outside and is a beautiful match for small and medium-size plants and trees. 

This pot is made of high-quality synthetics combined with wood fibre, giving it a natural appearance. The pot can be placed in the full sunlight without any of its colour fading. In addition, it is easy to clean, weatherproof and suitable for temperatures between -20 and -40°C. It is not a problem if you accidently knock over or drop it, because this elho flowerpot can take a good deal of wear and tear. 
This beautiful pot can be enjoyed for many years, either inside or outside your house, and can be perfectly combined with different sized pots from the allure ribbon collection.

If you would like to use this planter outside, don’t forget to open the pre-drilled holes in the bottom. This allows the superfluous water to drain and you will be able to enjoy your plants longer. 

allure ribbon vase

Are you looking for a modern pot with a soft and natural look and feel? Then this elho flowerpot is the right choice. The vase is suitable for both inside and outside the house and can be combined with smaller and medium-sized plants and flowers. Using synthetic material combined with wood fibres gives the pot a soft look and feel without losing the advantages of a synthetic pot. So, the pot can be easily moved, it doesn't break if you accidentally let it drop and the pot is resistant to harsh weather conditions up to -40 degrees. This beautiful pot ensures years of user fun both inside and outside the house and can be combined with other sizes from the allure doppio collection. The pot can be placed in the sun and it won't fade. Do you want to use this pot outside as well? Don't forget to drill holes in the bottom.  This ensures that excess water can drain.

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