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Corten steel

The standard thickness of Corten steel planters is 2mm, 3-4mm and 5mm is also possible. CorTen is a very strong steel alloy, which has the property to cover itself with a layer of protective rust when placed outside. This natural solid rust layer provides protection against further corrosion. Characteristics of Corten steel includes the brown rust orange colour and longevity.

Our Corten Steel products are delivered in an un-rusted state and the weathering process will take about 4-5 months to complete. As standard, these planters are equipped with 15mm high feet. The model ‘Andes’ is also available with 90mm legs.
5-year warranty.

We can make any size contact for quote.

Cubes/Troughs                  Legs                                                         Cones             Ridge Pots        Cylinder 


Corten Steel DOMUS Planters
From: £540.00
Corten DOMUS Planters
Corten Steel FACET Planters
From: £580.00
Corten FACET Planters
Corten Steel TUB Planters
From: £590.00
Corten TUB Planters
Corten Steel TOPIC Planters
From: £626.00
Corten TOPIC Planters
Corten Steel BOTAN Planters
Corten BOTAN Planters
Corten Steel DUB Planters
From: £925.00
Corten DUB Planters
Corten Steel EXTEND Planters
From: £936.00
Corten EXTEND Planters
Corten Steel TONIC Planters
From: £1,028.00
Corten TONIC Planters
Corten Steel MORE Planters
From: £1,294.00
Corten MORE Planters
Corten Steel DRUM Planters
From: £1,850.00
Corten DRUM Planters