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Corten Steel planters

Corten Steel Planters

Corten, also known as 'Weathering Steel', is widely used to clad buildings and has been used for famous structures like the Angel of the North. It is a steel alloy containing copper as well as chromium and nickel and oxidises giving a rusty appearance. It is ideal in public places where there is risk of vandalism as scratches soon 'rust' over again. The disadvantages are staining from the corrosion so best to sink into a patio area or place on gravel. These planters also need good drainage to prevent continual corrosion which might lead to irreparable damage.
Can be ordered in many shapes and sizes.

NB: Corten steel can cause stains to clothes and patios.

We can make any size - contact us for a quote here
Corten Steel Trough Planters (Lock Formed)
From: £218.90
Corten Steel Trough Planter
Corten Steel Circular Planters (Lock Formed)
From: £247.50
Corten Steel Circular Planter (Lock Formed)
Corten Steel Square Planters Lock formed
Corten Steel Square Planter
Corten Steel Tapered Square Planters (Lock-formed)
From: £372.90
Corten steel Tapered Square Planters
Corten Steel DOMUS Planters
From: £643.10
Corten DOMUS Planters
Corten Steel FACET Planters
From: £684.40
Corten FACET Planters
Corten Steel TOPIC Planters
From: £914.50
Corten TOPIC Planters
Corten Steel TUB Planters
From: £978.22
Corten TUB Planters
Corten Steel Oval Planters
From: £1,049.02
Corten Steel DRUM Planters
From: £1,178.82
Corten DRUM Planters
Corten Steel TONIC Planters
From: £1,178.82
Corten TONIC Planters
Corten Steel DUB Planters
From: £1,273.22
Corten DUB Planters
Corten Steel BOTAN Planters
From: £1,309.80
Corten BOTAN Planters
Corten Steel EXTEND Planters
Corten EXTEND Planters