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Faux Lead Fibreglass

Faux Lead Fibreglass Pots from Potstore

A stunning range of fibreglass garden pots and planters in faux lead with an incredibly convincing and authentic finish - it really is impossible to tell the difference from the real thing!

Choose from large and small pots, round pots, square pots, trough planters and window boxes.

The planters are fully frost proof and will not break down. Please do not confuse these with the fibre-clay products on the market which are porous and are liable to crack and split in frost conditions. 

Elizabethan Planters
From: £60.90
Dauphin Planter
Mughal Planter
From: £78.00
Geo Window Box
From: £81.90
Swag Window Box
From: £85.00
Adam Window Box
From: £85.05
Geo Cube Planter
From: £87.15
Hampton Planters
From: £110.00
Long Tom Planter
From: £112.00
Geo Oval Planter
From: £113.40
Geo Round Pots
From: £134.40
Faux Lead Bowl
From: £149.10
Chelsea Trough
From: £168.00
Downing Street Planters
From: £172.20
Grosvenor Planters
From: £178.50
Weave Trough
Ship Planter
From: £182.00
GEO Square Planter
From: £186.90
Norman Fibreglass Pots
From: £190.00
Geo Vase
From: £199.50
Arabesque Planter
From: £224.70
Fairhaven Planters
From: £224.70
Bell Jar Planters
From: £237.30
Cromwell Planter
From: £247.80
Rams Head Pot
From: £276.00
Pall Mall Planter
From: £278.00