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Outdoor pots That are Great Inside

A range of pots that can be used indoors and outdoors
All have water reservoirs so need for trays!
Ali Baba Planter
From: £178.20
ORGANIC Round Pots
From: £182.60
Marquis Planters
From: £203.50
ORGANIC Square Pots
From: £205.70
Geo Vase
From: £207.00
Chemistube Planter
From: £218.90
Sculptured Head Pots
From: £224.40
Pezzettina Planter
From: £250.00
Vase Planter
From: £267.30
Curvada Planter
From: £280.50
ULM Square Lit Pots
From: £294.80
ORGANIC Trough Planters
From: £297.00
Vlek Planter
From: £299.20
Star Pot
From: £315.70
Lit Cone Pots
From: £349.80
Lit Flower Pots
From: £349.80
Lit Tall Squares
From: £372.90
FAZ designer Group Pots
From: £391.60
Doux Planter
From: £399.00
Vela Cube Planters
From: £413.60
Stone Pots
From: £448.80
Kannelloni Pot
From: £455.40
From: £655.60
V Planter From VONDOM
From: £682.00
Spaghetti Pot
From: £878.90
Peacock Planter
From: £1,168.20
Bloom Planter
From: £1,613.70