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Polyethylene Plastic Troughs

Polyethylene Plastic Trough Planters by Potstore

A range of contemporary plastic planters in a wide spectrum of colours. All planters are designed and made in Europe using strong and light weight polyethelene resin
Our polyethelene planters are frost proof and coloured with high quality UV resistant pigments ensuring they will never fade


Spanish Trough
From: £74.80
ULM Trough Planters
From: £245.30
Vase Planter
From: £267.30
ORGANIC Trough Planters
From: £297.00
Vela Cube Planters
From: £413.60
Lit Trough Planter
From: £436.70
Kannelloni Pot
From: £455.40
Muro Planter
From: £682.00
V Planter From VONDOM
From: £682.00
Muro Lit Planter
From: £984.50