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Self watering pots

Problem solved!
Self watering planters
from potstore.co.uk

All the planters below have either water reservoirs or raised bases. Two ingenious and easy ways to keep your plants perfectly watered. The Loft range of planters have an integrated reservoir at the base but they do have drainage holes.

Spanish Cylinder Pots
From: £91.30
Spanish Cone Planters
From: £93.50
Spanish Pots
From: £122.10
Spanish Square Pots
From: £124.30
Ali Baba Planter
From: £178.20
Lisbon Planter
From: £179.00
ORGANIC Round Pots
From: £182.60
ULM Round Pots
From: £187.00
Fibreglass Cube Planters
From: £201.00
Marquis Planters
From: £203.50
ORGANIC Square Pots
From: £205.70
Geo Vase
From: £207.00
Vase Planter
From: £267.30
Curvada Planter
From: £280.50
ORGANIC Trough Planters
From: £297.00
Cone Planters Fibreglass
From: £299.00
Vlek Planter
From: £299.20
ULM Square Pots
Star Pot
From: £315.70
Doux Planter
From: £399.00
Vela Cube Planters
From: £413.60
Stone Pots
From: £448.80
Kannelloni Pot
From: £455.40
Moma Planter
From: £507.10
From: £655.60
S Line Planter
The Londoner Planter
From: £863.00
Spaghetti Pot
From: £878.90
Moma Mellizas Planters
From: £1,097.80