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Tall Lit Pots

Tall Lit Pots by Potstore

A great range of tall lit pots illuminated planters at their best.
Mains powered and lit by either low energy lamps or LED and LED colour chaging pots with remote control.

These stylistic contemporary Planters are designed to be used indors or outdoors and many have drainage holes to plant straight into.
ORGANIC Round Pots
From: £182.60
Marquis Planters
From: £203.50
ORGANIC Square Pots
From: £205.70
Chemistube Planter
From: £218.90
Vase Planter
From: £267.30
Curvada Planter
From: £280.50
Lit Cylinder Pots
From: £290.40
Vlek Planter
From: £299.20
Star Pot
From: £315.70
Lit Cone Pots
From: £349.80
Lit Flower Pots
From: £349.80
Lit Tall Squares
From: £372.90
Stone Pots
From: £448.80
Bones Planters
From: £458.00
Moma Planter
From: £507.10
From: £655.60
Moma Mellizas Planters
From: £1,097.80
Bloom Planter
From: £1,613.70