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THOR Fireplace

Optional Grill
Optional door

Our Price: £750.00
THOR Fireplace

BURNI®’s complete collection is produced using 3mm thick Corten weathering steel and all replaces are supplied with a provision for positioning a barbecue grill. For a small surcharge we can also treat our re elements with a black heat-resistant varnish. All our products come with a 5 year guarantee. Using your BURNI® wood burner: To light the re we suggest using re lighters, with small pieces of firewood placed on top. It is important to use small amounts of wood and to add larger wood when the re is burning clearly. Ensure that the area gets enough oxygen to keep burning. Please note that the outside of the replace can become extremely hot. All Corten weathering steel products come as newly fabricated steel. It may take several weeks to achieve the rusty look once exposed to the elements. This rust process will take about 4-5 months.

3 Great versions

Choose Corten weathering steel or Black heat resistant painted

Optional barbecue grill available

A - Pedestal Version - 55cm x 50cm x 105cm High - 99KG
B - Wall Mount Version - 55cm x 50cm x 55cm High - 77KG
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